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Fillet - The Wave, Vienna

The result is a “floating” eight-storied building, the S-shaped façade of which perfectly follows the course of the street. The new building is completely elevated on a six-metre-high platform structure above the upper edge of the terrain (TOK).

Sustainable construction

The individual, pre-fabricated timber-glass composites (HGV) consist of a pane of insulation glass and a patented coupling strip made of 12mm-thick birch veneer wood, joined using a special adhesive.

Transparency and depth

The new, seven-storied residential building offers single-bed and two-bed rooms for 328 residents distributed across several medical wards with a variety of specialties.

A company with a sense of humour

East of the city centre, the existing STRABAG branch offices share the new central corporate office building with ZIPP GmbH, a construction company that develops and produces pre-fabricated concrete components and builds them ready to use.

Rooms Without Boundaries

Glass, galvanised steel and wood are the few materials to which construction is confined. The distinguishing feature of the cricket pavilion in Street is the huge simplicity of the architecture, which holds back in order not to dominate the surrounding landscape.