Rooms Without Boundaries

Cricket Pavillion Street

The holistic program of Millfield School in Street, Somerset, attaches great importance to sport in its academic curriculum. The new cricket pavilion was built immediately next to the games field in the place where the old demolished building had stood. According to statements made by the architects, the building was intended to “emphasise the high standard that the school has achieved in all sports”.

According to their brief of ensuring as good a view of the playing field as possible, the boundaries of the rooms of the cricket pavilion almost disappeared thanks to the all-round glazing – the rooms become part of the landscape and what is happening on the playing field.

This is made possible by 28 mm curtain wall double glazing of the UNISUN Selekt 70/40 type with a 16 mm gap between the panes. The following features on the balcony railings offer maximum transparency: A 22 mm pane of CreaGlas laminated safety glass made from 2 x 10 mm heat-strengthened glass is embedded in a neoprene seal, mounted between two galvanised steel L-sections and screwed in place. The top edge of the glass is covered with a handrail made from hardwood.

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