Sustainable construction

Verden competence centre

Sustainable construction is on trend. To research and promote this even further, a competence centre was established in Verden. An innovative glass façade that also assumes static functions, makes a significant contribution toward achieving this goal.

The timbre-glass composites in the UNIGLAS®|FACADE glass façade system consist of a pane of insulation glass and a patented veneer wood coupling strip.

Sustainability is the current maxim. In architecture, that means balancing out and optimising the entire life cycle of a structure, especially with regard to ecology and economics. Beginning in the planning phase, a comprehensive concept was developed that takes all the phases of this cycle all the way through the final dismantling. The impacts on all related resources are taken into account including the local and global environment, surface use, energy efficiency as well as social culture and generational equality, etc.

The Norddeutsche Zentrum für Nachhaltiges Bauen (NZNB (Northern German Centre for Sustainable Construction)) set itself the task of networking, further expanding and promoting existing technical knowledge. All of the parties involved in the construction process are addressed: planners, construction material manufacturers, users and end customers, developments, researchers and engineers. Technical knowledge and results are conveyed via information, consulting, qualification and training courses.

As a central offer, the NZNB started work on the competence centre as the first construction phase. It contained primarily offices and exhibition areas as well as conference and meeting rooms. Three cuboid structures of varying sizes are interwoven with each other. The central, five-storied cuboid is slightly slanted to face the southeast. Although the building and its functions look rather unspectacular, there are several exceptional structural details.

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