Transparency and depth

Vienna Geriatric Centre

The new Donaustadt nursing care residence, located in the east of Vienna, meets the needs of the demographic and sociological shift. A cosy atmosphere is united with modern nursing care standards here. All of the rooms have storey-high glass-encased recessed balconies.

The life expectancy of people has been increasing for a long time, which is a good thing. Many older people are still healthy in their twilight years. However, as in any life, the social structures in society and in families change. The, often romantically explained, image

of the large family, in which different generations live together and take care of each other, largely dissolved a long time ago. The current labour market demands mobility which separates family members. Older people without relatives are also no longer a rarity. Physical or health impairments as well as loneliness make everyday life more difficult for older people. This is why homes specially designed for the needs of older people offer a much higher quality of life despite having to leave one’s home.


Sophisticated solution

The Wiener Krankenanstalten Verbund (Vienna Association of Hospitals) recognised these developments early on. Several geriatric centres and nursing homes are distributed throughout the city. This ensures the residents can be integrated in their familiar environment.

In the city on the Danube, the existing geriatric center (GZD) had to be renovated and expanded. A residential and nursing home and a centre for patients on long-term ventilation and patients in a vegetative state. To this end, an implementation competition was held throughout the entire EU which the Vienna-based architects, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, won. The new, seven-storied residential building offers single-bed and two-bed rooms for 328 residents distributed across several medical wards with a variety of specialties. To the north, the house is surrounded by a separate, three-storied, L-shaped building at an open angle.

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