Curved glass

ABZ for curved glass

The Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt (German Institute for Building Construction)) issued Flintermann Glasveredelung GmbH & Co. KG the General Building Permit (AbZ) for curved glass.

This makes Flintermann the first company in Germany with an abZ for curved ESG. AbZ Z-70.4-190 applies to the following area of application:

“FLISA Dur Curve” and “Flisa Dur Curfe Safe” and “Flisa Dur Curve H” can be used for all vertical glass in the DIN 18008-1 and -2 area of application for which flat ESG and VSG made of ESG is approved.

Flintermann Glasveredelungs GmbH & Co. KG's top-notch glass quality in the thermal, curved glass was also confirmed. The curved flat glass from Flintermann has the same strength properties as normal, flat float glass. The General Building Permit applies to all thermal curved, linearly mounted glass, i.e. it includes all vertical glass in accordance with the technical rules for the use of linearly mounted glass (TRLV) for flat float glass or laminated glass made of float glass.


Die abZ für gebogenes ESG als Download:
abZ geog. ESG_Z-70.4-227.pdf

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