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Glass at Home

At www.glass-at-home.de, any builder can take a walk through 3D animated rooms and experience possible applications as real implementations with sample photos. Important information about each selectable product is also available. For instance, short descriptions of the functionality, application tips, product characteristics and, of course, technical terms are explained. Interesting products can be directly added to a watch list and easily sent to a selected consultant via email at the end. This way, the contents of our first conversation are precisely defined and the interested party gets the information they are looking for without major detours.


A short video explains the website functions and demonstrates the options. Of course, you can switch to the product page at www.uniglas.net at any time to find more comprehensive technical information. The website displays a cross-section of options for glass in construction and is successively expanded and, of course, new products are added.


Life with glass? But of course: at www.glass-at-home.de


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