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Innovation timbre and glass

Aluminium, wood or plastic frame? Anyone, who selects or replaces the windows for his own four walls, has to handle the problem of selecting correct materials for the rims among other things. While plastic is easy to maintain, aluminium is characterized by its excellent durability and wood is very convincing due to its natural elegance and outstanding heat insulation properties.

Regardless of the material, it is the frame that has the final say when it comes to the appearance of a window - often it is a necessary but not welcome compromise for owners of large glass façades.

By using UNIGLAS® | FACADE timber-glass-composites, trend conscious builders no longer have to make any compromises when it comes to installing their large window façades. The innovative solution is based on three main components: an insulation glass pane, a patented wood coupling strip and a special adhesive.

Together they provide a façade, which has almost perfect all-glass appearance without conspicuous frame. Uncomplicated and quick assembly is also very impressive because the individual timber-glass modules from UNIGLAS® | façade are pre-fabricated in the factory based on a carefully calculated adhesive geometry.

When the product is delivered to the site, all you have to do it fix it to the substructure, i.e. a mullion-transom design made of laminated timber, and seal it. In this way the glass structure can have a load bearing function in the building cover and traditional frame edgings now become superfluous. In case of repairs, the individual timber-glass-composites can be replaced easily and quickly and without damaging the entire glass façade.

However, appearance and quick installation are not the only reasons, which make the innovative and weather-resistant system so attractive: UNIGLAS® | FACADE has proven to be extremely efficient and sustainable with its excellent heat insulation values which significantly reduce the primary energy consumption of a house, its exemplary carbon footprint and its maximum solar energy utilisation.


In addition, timber-glass-composites were also proven for use in earthquake-resistant constructions.


More information at www.uniglas-facade.de

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