With their modern production plants, the UNIGLAS shareholder companies offer a wide range of high-quality insulation and special glasses as well as all kinds of glass finishings.

The most modern finishing systems, the use of selected glasses, decades of experience in the production of insulating glass, an international exchange of experience and continuous controls guarantee the high level of quality is maintained.



Under the theme “Functions of Glass”, three trainees at Egger Glas Isolier- und Sicherheitsglaserzeugung GmbH in Pischelsdorf developed a piggy bank made of 3-paned insulation glass in the form of a cube.

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Glass applications throughout your house. Let the possible uses presented inspire you during a tour. We will show you a wide variety of applications for glass throughout your house, explain the functions to you and provide you with tips for use.

Maximum window facade

By using UNIGLAS® | FACADE timber-glass-composites, trend conscious builders no longer have to make any compromises when it comes to installing their large window façades.

Curved glass

The Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt (German Institute for Building Construction)) issued Flintermann Glasveredelung GmbH & Co. KG the General Building Permit (AbZ) for curved glass.


The UNIGLAS shareholders from Bregenz was once again honoured at the Iconic Awards and at the German Design Awards: This time, the GM WINDOORAIL® Frameless glass railing module was declared the winner in the product category.


Fillet - The Wave, Vienna

The result is a “floating” eight-storied building, the S-shaped façade of which perfectly follows the course of the street. The new building is completely elevated on a six-metre-high platform structure above the upper edge of the terrain (TOK).

Sustainable construction

The individual, pre-fabricated timber-glass composites (HGV) consist of a pane of insulation glass and a patented coupling strip made of 12mm-thick birch veneer wood, joined using a special adhesive.

Transparency and depth

The new, seven-storied residential building offers single-bed and two-bed rooms for 328 residents distributed across several medical wards with a variety of specialties.

A company with a sense of humour

East of the city centre, the existing STRABAG branch offices share the new central corporate office building with ZIPP GmbH, a construction company that develops and produces pre-fabricated concrete components and builds them ready to use.

Rooms Without Boundaries

Glass, galvanised steel and wood are the few materials to which construction is confined. The distinguishing feature of the cricket pavilion in Street is the huge simplicity of the architecture, which holds back in order not to dominate the surrounding landscape.